"A platform to bring your dreams into reality"

The Passion Project Organization

CEO: Kali Lotankar and Diya Lakwani

About The Passion Project Organization


The purpose of the passion project is to bring each student's talent to life. Each student will work on their passion project by picking a topic, whether that's leadership skills in middle school students, researching protein physics, or political issues in the world. The student can make a website, create a podcast, write a book, start a youtube channel, or research a topic they are passionate about. The student can reach out to professors at universities or leaders to guide them throughout their research and project. This passion project will help the student build something of their own that they are passionate about, and it will put them at the top of the list when applying to college. We will even help students with creating their resumes and reaching out to professors if they need help. This extracurricular project will help students with networking, communication skills, and professionalism.

Going the extra mile

 If students want to get something out of this organization, their networking skills with professors. Once they have a professor to guide them, it's up to them to create that student-teacher relationship. Creating a high standard of communication and networking is essential if they want a recommendation letter from that professor, which helps them during college applications. This project has such a significant impact on students who wish for their talent to come to life and positively impact others with having a high chance of getting into their dream college.


Mission and Vission

Mission: Connecting great minds to make them more productive and successful is a primary attribute of this organization. Students will be working effectively and quickly to capture the fundamental functions and unleash their inner passion. This organization strives to help others by working together and pushing them to excel and do work that represents them not only academically but also personally. Another key attribute to this organization is commitment; showing up and doing the work is beneficial because it portrays how passionate you are about your life goals. The Passion Project Organization releases your curiosity and energy and puts it into something that excites and inspires "you" to be you.

Vision: The Passion Project Organization opens up a platform for students to pursue their dreams. It is a place where they can bring their passion to life, whether writing a book or working with a university professor for a research project. The Passion Project Organization will be a journey where students will advance in their communication and networking skills. The students at The Passion Project Organization will experience an activity that not only brings their passion to life but opens doors to opportunities.

Project approval: The project will get approved by the CEOs of the passion project organization. Each student will have to create an outline or plan of their passion project first, and we will help them reach out to professors if needed. Once the project is approved and if Diya and I have issues with approving the project, we will ask one of the administrators and club sponsor to look over it to make sure it positively impacts the students and community. Once the outline/plan is completed and approved, they can start on their project. 


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